This Day is Yours Choose How It Shall Go

Ever find yourself at the end of the day thinking,
“Wow what a day! Every where I went I ran into
negative people and dramatic issues!” Ever stop
to think why? You choose the type of day you will
ultimately have, by how you approach each and every
moment of your existence!

The first thought you have of a morning, should be,
“Today is MY day, I will have a great day, I will
meet people who bless my existence, I will have
peace, joy and happiness, in all of my endeavors!”

If you do not take the time to call positive energy
into your path, you will (without doubt) find the
opposite besets you. We are creatures who need to
decide how the ills of this world will affect us!

You are your Captain! You have the ability of the
Universe at your disposal! You can call on the peace
that passes understanding to elevate you above any
ill or negative emotion or action that you face.

Don’t believe me? Try it! Wake up in the morning,
decide this day will carry you on wings as eagles,
you will experience joy unbelievable, even in the
small things that come your way. Oh, and by the way,
be sure you take note of how many things you have to
be thankful for! It is in this way, we become more
closely related to achieving the desires of our heart.

To choose how your day shall go, is truly a magnificent
opportunity! Choose wisely, speak beauty, feel love,
share peace! The return is greater than you can imagine!

Today is Your Day, decide how it shall shape up, plan on
peace, joy and love being brought to you by the words,
hands and actions of everyone with whom you come in

Change the world you live in, before you move out!

Cheryl G Burke

Response to Facebook comment 22 Veterans Commit Suicide every day

From Facebook Quote:
Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Would at least 22 of my Facebook friends please copy and re-post (not share)? 800-273-8255 Veterans Crisis Line.

I always try to follow up and research accuracy before sharing or re-posting. I did find more information on this subject and though the sites I visited did not concur with the number of Veterans taking their own lives per day, It is never the less a heartbreak at any number. I am thankful that posting of such numbers and Prayers for help to bring those numbers to Zero is taking place and surfacing for each of us to take an active part in reducing these numbers, Veterans or other! There is hope, we must take that message to the ends of the earth! Life is Your gift and You can find peace when you know where to search for it! “Believers” on a mission! I will re-post and include my thoughts, Thank You for posting this and I Pray that because You took time to care, Others will also Share!

Cheryl G Burke

Steps to Online Success by an Instructor and Teacher

An Instructor will show you how to do something, a teacher will offer instruction to you, show you how to apply that instruction, you must then take that instruction in and apply it to prove that you have been taught rather than having been shown, “How” to do a certain thing or things.

A teacher must know when the student is capable of learning. One must never speak down, nor over the head of the student expected to learn from their instruction. As in the case of a writer, when you write a book or article etc. you must give credence to the intellect of your reader. You do not need to explain every detail of your message, your reader will comprehend at the level they are capable, most often even more so than the information you feel compelled to offer.

I am in schooling currently to gain knowledge about how to increase my bottom line of finances online.

It is quite a learning experience! I have been around online watching, reading, writing since early 2008, when I first had an inkling to write an E Book. I discovered the ebook Queen of the time in my world, to be Connie Green. I watched, I followed, I attended, but did not take the steps on the ladder I was offered, in order to be one of those million dollar babies who are running around, able to tout their banking accounts to prove they have what it takes.

Believe me, we all have what it takes, we just haven’t crossed the line drawn in the sand, that causes us to say, “Oh Yah, I am ready to change my lifestyle forever!”

When that day comes, you will find it very helpful to make investments in finding an instructor and teacher who can walk you through the steps necessary to get your feet on that ladder that can lead you to unimaginable success!
One such person is Connie Ragen Green! find her at: Her, “Write, Publish, Prosper” training will get you online earning in no time.

As always, have a Great Day, Just because You Can!
Cheryl G Burke

Parrilla Grill 706 NE Greenwood Bend, Oregon

Lunched at the new midtown Parrilla Grill today. I wasn’t even hungry, everyone else ordered fantastic food, prepared to each’s liking! When Richard received his cup of Clam Chowder and pushed it over to me, immediately after tasting it, I knew my record keeping of food intake for the day, was going up!

Took one sip, hopped up out of my chair and immediately ordered a cup as well! It was fantastic! I will go home later and attempt to copy what they have done! I loved it! Thanks Parrilla Grill! Great food and service! Fun Atmosphere of folks!

I love good food and I love good Food Service! It stands out to me, when folks enjoy their workplace! I enjoyed lunching at their new location!

“It’s Very, Bend” will return again soon.

Cheryl G Burke

Who is Your Target Blessing Today

You woke up! Breathe in the beauty of being alive! Don’t waste moments resenting, or being angry at another, feel the Blessing as you turn from judgement, irritation, and the all too common negative chatter about someone or something. Fill your day with joy, compassion, happiness, and peace, good thoughts, good deeds, it’s yours, take hold, embrace the Love that surrounds you today! Now, give thanks and go for the abundance of Life, take another breath, slowly blow out anything that is robbing you of your joy! Be Happy today, just because you, ARE!

It’s Sunday, the World Awaits YOU

You woke this morning, you breathed the air of lie into your being once again! Now for crying out loud, make this day count! Don’t waste it on negative input! Whatever is honorable, whatever is pure, whatever is of good repute, let your mind dwell on these things!

Stop going along with the world of poor me, or it wasn’t my fault, or if you only knew! What the heck, everyone has these same words they could apply to their lives! Let me ask you, if you find yourself using any of these excuses for why you are not succeeding, ask yourself, “How long will I keep going just as I am and not change the things that are keeping me in this place?” If you are satisfied with where you are, then fine, it doesn’t matter what others think, it only matters for you, what you think!

Don’t change for someone else, for in that way, the reason for changing, is dependent on how the other person views your change. If they decide you are not doing what they want the exact way they want and you are not convinced for your self what you believe, you will be tossed hither and ‘yon by their desires. When you know what you believe, no one can convince you to be anything you do not agree that you want to be. What a relief! You get to be who you are and what you are, and you can change what you want to be, to what you think you should be, your choice!

It is in this way, that when we find our life partner, we know we are worthy of taking on a relationship with that person, because what they see is what we are! No surprise down the road a few months, when, after becoming close enough to see how we really are, they find us different than what we appeared when we first met.

Know who you are, then Be, who you are! Change those things that need to be changed, find out if there are things you do no know that need changing and become who you desire to be. It is that simple, you choose!

Take your next breath, give thanks for Who you are, for What you are and for How you will take those first steps to begin to become the person you have always dreamed of Being!

Now, Go and Be! Just because YOU CAN!

What Dreams?

Has it been so long since you worked on achieving your dreams, that you have forgotten what they were? May it never be! The only way to see your dreams come true, is to believe! Once you believe, you begin to watch for how they will come true.

Take the dream of becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams! The way this happens is only after you have thought about how you wanted your finances to look like, how your dream life looks, the type of house you want to live in, the car you want to drive. After you really believe this is the lifestyle you want, you begin to focus on the things you want as a reality. You begin to move in the direction of living your dream. Dream lifestyles have become much easier to realize, with the onset and increasing capabilities of the world wide web!

No doubt you have heard a number of accounts of college age and even younger, who are reaching unprecedented amounts of money coming up with ideas to make life easier for others in their communities and around the world.

These young people had a vision, they had a belief that they had something to offer humanity that would give others a better, or more equitable way of life, or convenience. The good thing about these people who have accomplished such things, they believed they could in spite of anyone and everyone. These are the entrepreneurs of today. Just like to Pioneers of old, these folks go after what they want and find a way to get it.

Almost ten years ago, I started watching and listening to the likes of Connie Green I have watched her as well as hundreds of others make their dreams come true. I know it is possible, if you want to achieve those dreams, set your mind to finding out just what you want, then, set out to make them come true.

Three things that stop us from achieving our dreams are:

1. We don’t know what we truly want.
2. We don’t believe we should have what we truly want.
3. We aren’t willing to take serious steps to achieving what we truly want.

How long will you sit by and watch what others are doing mocking and ridiculing them, for actually doing what you are too lazy to do, while they are realizing their dreams.

It is time! Take action today! Start by writing down the most extreme dreams you can imagine! Be realistic in whether or not you really want those things you are writing. If so, put a date beside each one that you truly feel is a realistic time frame that you could, all things being in line, reach those dreams or goals. The moments you spend in tune with the writing of these dreams,will give you a glimpse into what it will be like, when you accomplish those goals you have set out to reach.

That should be enough for starters, now, every day, for the next seven days, read over those dreams, feel yourself achieving and living in those moments as if they already surround you, just as when you sought out their existence and wrote them on paper. They should become more natural to you with each reading, because each time you read them, you bring yourself in closer contact with the feelings that bring belief and thus fulfillment.

Until next you meet with me here,
I bid you adieu and suggest you have a Great Day, Just Because, YOU CAN!
Cheryl G

She Would be 90 Today But She Died at 39

She did great things while she was on earth! She delivered 5 living babies! She was a phenomenal Momma, we all cherished her. She was married to Daddy, whom I shall admit was not the greatest husband, but who loved her in his own way, as she did he, in return. I am fortunate to have been a witness to such a unique love. But that is another story, for were I to go there, I would have much to explain about how the abuse was so great, in today’s world, it would never be permitted to happen, but seventy years ago, those things were kept secret!

It was a very short life that Momma lived, she died at 39, just a baby. Most of my children are older than that! In this particular tribute, I hope to give glory to the name of Mom, not to those horrific experiences that really identified her time on this earth.

In reality it was a story of children, of famed aerialists Lillian and Oscar, who traveled with the circus as a lifestyle. In fact, that is how they met, she was 15 and he 18, she was traveling with her family’s small circus, from across the seas, he with another circus and as a member of the Flying Jordans! They met, fell love almost immediately, spent a very short time before he had to travel by train back to New York krom Chicago where they had met.

Oh, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself however, before he left he made her a promise that he would return when she turned 18 and marry her! Which is exactly what happened! On the day she turned 18, he traveled to meet her, they were married, had a few hours together, and he was off again back to the circus. Keep in mind, they had not seen each other in the three years prior to that day, after having just met and fallen in love, as the story goes.

Though there is no one with whom I can confirm this, short of the newspaper article which shows the two of them and I believe confirms these words, thus, you are left to assume, as I, that this is in fact, a true account of their story as I tell it.

At any rate, growing up as, Circus children, had many disadvantages, the children were placed in a home, which my Momma always referred to as a children’s home! Now, if you have ever taken time to look back over the accounts of children’s homes in those days, you will no doubt agree it was not a desirable home in which to be reared! The accounts she shared with us, bore no difference to those told by others.

She told us of the times when the Maiden, who was the epitome of a female drill instructor, would make demands of the children that far exceeded the normal demands on children. Momma told stories of how in retrospect she imagined that that lady had to make ends meet from short supplies, though they received monies from the parents who left their children to the care of the home, while they were on the road. Momma always tried to make allowance for those with shortcomings.
At any rate, one of the stories she told, now keep in mind, the original home they were in, was a home for the children of Circus professionals, I believe however, the home Momma referred to as a children’s home came after she was 10 years old.

Lillian died at childbirth a year after my Momma was born. The baby, Richard, was adopted out and my Aunt, my Uncle and Momma were left to the care of my Grandfather, who at some time, married another, whose name at this time, slips past my memory. I will recall it later or research to find it if possible, Louise tickles my brain, but in no wise definite! I don’t have particulars of those times, as both my aunt and uncle have passed and for that matter, the years when they were alive, we were not permitted to visit often with my aunt and her family. My uncle, Daddy would not allow Momma to even speak much of, during our childhood, kids will be kids, and who knows what happened to cause the rift between them. We did not meet our Uncle until well after Momma’s death, he came out to Oregon and met with us kids for a short visit.

That in itself was fun, to have someone who had known our Momma when she was little and who shared many of the same life experiences as she, however, as I mentioned earlier, secrets abounded in those old days and he, like Momma, was very tight lipped about their history growing up.

I suppose I must give credit here, to the fact that if they, like I, believed in focusing on what is good in life, we permit those horrific experiences to drift into shadows that eventually become so faded, we no longer bring them to light or memory at all, thus, they appear to never have happened. A good way to mature into a, “normal” human being in spite of those unfortunate and unnatural lives and experiences that brought us to where we are today.

Momma told stories of how they would sneak into the Head Mistress’ bedroom and place a black snake in her bed. Of course Momma also told how the Head Mistress always knew it was she and her brother who were at fault! Hmmm, I wonder how? Not really, Momma told how she would fess up even if it were some shenanigan she had not pulled, so that none of the other children would be punished as a whole for the devilish behavior of some. There were other stories of how, when they were in that children’s home from the time she was 10 until she turned 18, she would watch as other children lined up to be viewed for potential adoption and would dream of being adopted by a family who would love her and cherish her. That was never to be her lot in life. She experienced tough times throughout her short 39 years here, but through it all, she remained a wonderfully positive, great storytelling Mother of 5, and to those 5, who still share stories of the antics of her humor and her Love for each of us, she is loved and cherished.
Blessings from a Beloved Daughter, Cheryl G Burke

Why Should You Finish a Book

Obviously, you have to finish a book you write, in order to Publish a book you write! You need to write a book, for three reasons: 1. So that those who are looking for what you have to offer, will be able to find what they are looking for! 2. To show those who have always said, “You need to write a book” in order to stop you from preaching at them, that you have now written a book! 3. For authenticity, To show you are qualified to speak and teach your specific niche. I suppose at this point, I should say there are four reasons, the fourth being, 4. To prove to yourself that you believe in your beliefs enough, that you are willing to put into print those beliefs, for all the world to view.

Family Christian Out of Business

What will this mean to the Christian community? If You said, “Loss, tears, emptiness, loss of friends, who have served you over the years!” You are correct! Now however, what would God say? Perhaps His conversation would go something like this, “Child, this is an opportunity for many of my children, to come together and open small bookstores where my children can gather as in days of old, over a “Pickle” barrel and play checkers!” There is a void in the system folks, now is the time! How many of you produce Christian art and would love to display your work for sale in a small Christian shop where you pay a nominal fee for space? Think about, a community of people working together for the good of the Nation! Don’t grow really big if that is scary, stay small, find innovative ways of helping people to order online where you receive a small fee for your assistance! It is a community of people, this group of, “Knowing” God’s children! Act like it, don’t let the fact that online business has cancelled out the major Christian bookstore offend you, realize there has just become a major need for the, “small guy” to open a, “Christian Book Room” perhaps in their home, or maybe a local business feels compelled to assist in this Godly endeavor! Focus on what is good, honorable, and pure! Let your mind dwell on these things, the need for gathering spots for those who want to make Christian bookstore type purchases. Get Creative, use the same techniques the major sellers do! Only, because you are a small business, you can afford to go about seeking assistance from others of your belief. What about a volunteer Christian Book Store, with only a few receiving salary, like they do for the Humane Society? Why not Believer? Why not You? If you are offended by the fact the Christian Family is gone, think of others who need such a refuge! Now just may be Your Time to Fly! Send your kite to the sky and see who grabs hold of the tail, together you should change the world, by opening up a Christian Book Room where your Brothers and Sisters can come to a safe environment to peruse and find, help for the faint of heart, or the up-lifter, or to be encouraged, or … the list is unlimited to what you can do with this announcement, what can God do through YOU!