I Saw Her Calf Upon the Ground

I saw her calf upon the ground,
No breath I saw, nor e’er a sound,

The wonder in the eyes, of this empty cow,
Suspending the clean up, as she senses now,

The lifeless form, lay in a half bag of birth,
‘Twas only I, could sense life’s worth.

I cleared the leather, dropped to a knee,
Expressed inside, a silent plea,

This little fella, would experience life,
Even though the beginning, had come with strife.

Saddened I had missed, her need for care,
I cleaned her offspring, as she waited there.

In wonder I marveled, as the calf took a turn,
Why should this calf, demand my concern?

I saw the rise, from air in it’s chest,
‘Twas up to the calf, to do the rest.

Would the struggle it made, be enough to wake,
The heart of this fella, with her names’ sake?

The years that passed, as he grew to breed,
Displayed the reason, I had felt the need,

For more than any, I have ever known,
This bull stands above, those ever shown.

I look o’er the grasses, to his offspring I see,
Give thanks to the Maker, for answering my plea.

That one little calf, should demand on my part,
To trust in my instincts, that this calf had heart!

Back in the saddle, old Pony and me,
Off to ride herd, over others we see,

The crunch of iced grass, under his feet,
As we face new challenges, we’ve yet to complete.

Reminded daily, of the Blessings we share,
In this life filled with laughter, honor and care.

September 28, 2017

Cheryl G Burke

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