Grow Spots

What Grow Spots are you experiencing in your life today? Ever think Why?
When you say, ” It won’t, it can’t it doesn’t , never, not for me, they won’t, they don’t,
they can’t, … You are limiting your beliefs, Your success, Your advantage, Your perfection!

Why on earth do we think we can achieve anything beyond our past successes, if we continue to use such non-achieving, non-receiving words in our vocabulary and thought Bank?

Take a look at yourself, don’t ask anyone else to be responsible for exposing your self destructing patterns in life! You can determine better than anyone, why you are experiencing the lack of success you say you hope to experience! When I think about why I keep going over my past writings and saying, “Gosh, this is good stuff, it should be out there to share with others!” Yet, years later, here I sit reading my works from the the 1990’s and earlier, I know are still valuable today, with those same questions.

Too over used expressions, come to mind, the one that says, “Insanity is the result of making no change to the patterns you own from your past and yet you expect things to be different in your current life and future!

The second over used expression… I leave this for You to fill in! What do you keep repeating to yourself that you know is a key to breaking the pattern of life that is limiting your personal success?
Only YOU can change YOU!

Choose to look forward to the successes you will bring by your choices today, make this day the first of every day that you consciously make your life dreams come true. Personal success is far greater than worldly success. You matter to, your family, your friends, your community, your world ,most of all, you matter to you! Life has been gifted to you, receive the Blessings that are yours to experience in this life, find the value in those Grow Spots you are experiencing today, harvest the seeds of faith, trust, belief, and Blessing, for those are the words of a truly successful life.

Breathe in the Peace that is yours today, because you are consciously making a choice to set a successful personal record in YOUR life!

Resting in Faith, Hope and Love,

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