Cowboy Swagger

Cowboy Swagger
I knew he was a cowboy, though he wore no cowboy swagger,
I listened as he talked, and knew he was no bragger.

The other guys that stood around, would talk of what they’d done,
This fellow stands and smiles at faces, of the little hearts he’s won.

Not just the little girls, who swear they’ll marry him,
But the little boys who need a hero, to truly encourage them.

The things that make a cowboy, can not be found in clothes,
It’s in the things they’ve done, when none other but him knows!

The heart of the, True Cowboy, holds hope for all the world,
Not just the things in their life, that they have seen unfurled,

But in the Honor of this Nation, and the ones who’ve fought to keep it free,
Who strive to make a better World, for folks like you and me.

They hold their tongue when judgement reigns, and pray for peace for all.
They respect the responsibility, of those who’ve met the duty call.

Oh the True Cowboy not only fights, to save the bovine herd,
He stands behind the beliefs he has, and behind his given word.

A drink, a chew a pair of boots, ain’t what makes a boy a man,
It’s in the way he makes a choice, to be all he truly can.

I’ve seen the likes of cowboys, who wear the name so well,
And so very many others, oh how quickly you can tell,

That they had a dream to be a cowboy, and to look good to other guys,
While wearing all the clothes and tales, still will not disguise,

The fact that being a True Cowboy, comes from deep within your heart,
That it takes more than just the look, to truly set a man apart.

You got to want to be the one, who others call a friend,
You got to be so willing to offer, help when he needs to mend.

You got to care about the world, and where it’s direction leads,
You got to seek outside yourself, and help others when in need.

Oh the making of a cowboy, can start at any age,
But it’s in the years he holds to truth, and proves his earthly sage.

The Good Lord allows a man, to choose who he will become,
It isn’t dictated as some do think, by where the boy came from!

I know because a cowboy, can grow into the name,
To honor and to cherish life, and to earn respect and fame.

Oh you’ll know he is a Cowboy, not by the boots upon his feet,
It’s in those little things he does, for others he will meet.

Not by the hat upon his head, not the shirt upon his back,
It’s how he makes another feel, when they experience lack.

Not by the chew he spits in dirt, nor by the beer he drinks,
It’s in the being of the man, in what he truly thinks.

It’s how he treats a girl in need, of finding her a man,
It’s how he respects her show of love, not taking all he can.

Now some may think to be a cowboy, you got to act the part,
I tell yah friend, it ain’t in acts, it’s in what lies within his heart!


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