This Day is Yours Choose How It Shall Go

Ever find yourself at the end of the day thinking,
“Wow what a day! Every where I went I ran into
negative people and dramatic issues!” Ever stop
to think why? You choose the type of day you will
ultimately have, by how you approach each and every
moment of your existence!

The first thought you have of a morning, should be,
“Today is MY day, I will have a great day, I will
meet people who bless my existence, I will have
peace, joy and happiness, in all of my endeavors!”

If you do not take the time to call positive energy
into your path, you will (without doubt) find the
opposite besets you. We are creatures who need to
decide how the ills of this world will affect us!

You are your Captain! You have the ability of the
Universe at your disposal! You can call on the peace
that passes understanding to elevate you above any
ill or negative emotion or action that you face.

Don’t believe me? Try it! Wake up in the morning,
decide this day will carry you on wings as eagles,
you will experience joy unbelievable, even in the
small things that come your way. Oh, and by the way,
be sure you take note of how many things you have to
be thankful for! It is in this way, we become more
closely related to achieving the desires of our heart.

To choose how your day shall go, is truly a magnificent
opportunity! Choose wisely, speak beauty, feel love,
share peace! The return is greater than you can imagine!

Today is Your Day, decide how it shall shape up, plan on
peace, joy and love being brought to you by the words,
hands and actions of everyone with whom you come in

Change the world you live in, before you move out!

Cheryl G Burke

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