Response to Facebook comment 22 Veterans Commit Suicide every day

From Facebook Quote:
Approximately 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Would at least 22 of my Facebook friends please copy and re-post (not share)? 800-273-8255 Veterans Crisis Line.

I always try to follow up and research accuracy before sharing or re-posting. I did find more information on this subject and though the sites I visited did not concur with the number of Veterans taking their own lives per day, It is never the less a heartbreak at any number. I am thankful that posting of such numbers and Prayers for help to bring those numbers to Zero is taking place and surfacing for each of us to take an active part in reducing these numbers, Veterans or other! There is hope, we must take that message to the ends of the earth! Life is Your gift and You can find peace when you know where to search for it! “Believers” on a mission! I will re-post and include my thoughts, Thank You for posting this and I Pray that because You took time to care, Others will also Share!

Cheryl G Burke

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