Steps to Online Success by an Instructor and Teacher

An Instructor will show you how to do something, a teacher will offer instruction to you, show you how to apply that instruction, you must then take that instruction in and apply it to prove that you have been taught rather than having been shown, “How” to do a certain thing or things.

A teacher must know when the student is capable of learning. One must never speak down, nor over the head of the student expected to learn from their instruction. As in the case of a writer, when you write a book or article etc. you must give credence to the intellect of your reader. You do not need to explain every detail of your message, your reader will comprehend at the level they are capable, most often even more so than the information you feel compelled to offer.

I am in schooling currently to gain knowledge about how to increase my bottom line of finances online.

It is quite a learning experience! I have been around online watching, reading, writing since early 2008, when I first had an inkling to write an E Book. I discovered the ebook Queen of the time in my world, to be Connie Green. I watched, I followed, I attended, but did not take the steps on the ladder I was offered, in order to be one of those million dollar babies who are running around, able to tout their banking accounts to prove they have what it takes.

Believe me, we all have what it takes, we just haven’t crossed the line drawn in the sand, that causes us to say, “Oh Yah, I am ready to change my lifestyle forever!”

When that day comes, you will find it very helpful to make investments in finding an instructor and teacher who can walk you through the steps necessary to get your feet on that ladder that can lead you to unimaginable success!
One such person is Connie Ragen Green! find her at: Her, “Write, Publish, Prosper” training will get you online earning in no time.

As always, have a Great Day, Just because You Can!
Cheryl G Burke

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