Parrilla Grill 706 NE Greenwood Bend, Oregon

Lunched at the new midtown Parrilla Grill today. I wasn’t even hungry, everyone else ordered fantastic food, prepared to each’s liking! When Richard received his cup of Clam Chowder and pushed it over to me, immediately after tasting it, I knew my record keeping of food intake for the day, was going up!

Took one sip, hopped up out of my chair and immediately ordered a cup as well! It was fantastic! I will go home later and attempt to copy what they have done! I loved it! Thanks Parrilla Grill! Great food and service! Fun Atmosphere of folks!

I love good food and I love good Food Service! It stands out to me, when folks enjoy their workplace! I enjoyed lunching at their new location!

“It’s Very, Bend” will return again soon.

Cheryl G Burke

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