What Dreams?

Has it been so long since you worked on achieving your dreams, that you have forgotten what they were? May it never be! The only way to see your dreams come true, is to believe! Once you believe, you begin to watch for how they will come true.

Take the dream of becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams! The way this happens is only after you have thought about how you wanted your finances to look like, how your dream life looks, the type of house you want to live in, the car you want to drive. After you really believe this is the lifestyle you want, you begin to focus on the things you want as a reality. You begin to move in the direction of living your dream. Dream lifestyles have become much easier to realize, with the onset and increasing capabilities of the world wide web!

No doubt you have heard a number of accounts of college age and even younger, who are reaching unprecedented amounts of money coming up with ideas to make life easier for others in their communities and around the world.

These young people had a vision, they had a belief that they had something to offer humanity that would give others a better, or more equitable way of life, or convenience. The good thing about these people who have accomplished such things, they believed they could in spite of anyone and everyone. These are the entrepreneurs of today. Just like to Pioneers of old, these folks go after what they want and find a way to get it.

Almost ten years ago, I started watching and listening to the likes of Connie Green I have watched her as well as hundreds of others make their dreams come true. I know it is possible, if you want to achieve those dreams, set your mind to finding out just what you want, then, set out to make them come true.

Three things that stop us from achieving our dreams are:

1. We don’t know what we truly want.
2. We don’t believe we should have what we truly want.
3. We aren’t willing to take serious steps to achieving what we truly want.

How long will you sit by and watch what others are doing mocking and ridiculing them, for actually doing what you are too lazy to do, while they are realizing their dreams.

It is time! Take action today! Start by writing down the most extreme dreams you can imagine! Be realistic in whether or not you really want those things you are writing. If so, put a date beside each one that you truly feel is a realistic time frame that you could, all things being in line, reach those dreams or goals. The moments you spend in tune with the writing of these dreams,will give you a glimpse into what it will be like, when you accomplish those goals you have set out to reach.

That should be enough for starters, now, every day, for the next seven days, read over those dreams, feel yourself achieving and living in those moments as if they already surround you, just as when you sought out their existence and wrote them on paper. They should become more natural to you with each reading, because each time you read them, you bring yourself in closer contact with the feelings that bring belief and thus fulfillment.

Until next you meet with me here,
I bid you adieu and suggest you have a Great Day, Just Because, YOU CAN!
Cheryl G

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