It’s Sunday, the World Awaits YOU

You woke this morning, you breathed the air of life into your being once again! Now for crying out loud, make this day count! Don’t waste it on negative input! Whatever is honorable, whatever is pure, whatever is of good repute, let your mind dwell on these things!

Stop going along with the world of poor me, or it wasn’t my fault, or if you only knew! What the heck, everyone has these same words they could apply to their lives! Let me ask you, if you find yourself using any of these excuses for why you are not succeeding, ask yourself, “How long will I keep going just as I am and not change the things that are keeping me in this place?” If you are satisfied with where you are, then fine, it doesn’t matter what others think, it only matters for you, what you think!

Don’t change for someone else, for in that way, the reason for changing, is dependent on how the other person views your change. If they decide you are not doing what they want the exact way they want and you are not convinced for your self what you believe, you will be tossed hither and ‘yon by their desires. When you know what you believe, no one can convince you to be anything you do not agree that you want to be. What a relief! You get to be who you are and what you are, and you can change what you want to be, to what you think you should be, your choice!

It is in this way, that when we find our life partner, we know we are worthy of taking on a relationship with that person, because what they see is what we are! No surprise down the road a few months, when, after becoming close enough to see how we really are, they find us different than what we appeared when we first met.

Know who you are, then Be, who you are! Change those things that need to be changed, find out if there are things you do not know that need changing and become who you desire to be. It is that simple, you choose!

Take your next breath, give thanks for Who you are, for What you are and for How you will take those first steps to begin to become the person you have always dreamed of Being!

Now, Go and Be! Just because YOU CAN!

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