Family Christian Out of Business

What will this mean to the Christian community? If You said, “Loss, tears, emptiness, loss of friends, who have served you over the years!” You are correct! Now however, what would God say? Perhaps His conversation would go something like this, “Child, this is an opportunity for many of my children, to come together and open small bookstores where my children can gather as in days of old, over a “Pickle” barrel and play checkers!” There is a void in the system folks, now is the time! How many of you produce Christian art and would love to display your work for sale in a small Christian shop where you pay a nominal fee for space? Think about, a community of people working together for the good of the Nation! Don’t grow really big if that is scary, stay small, find innovative ways of helping people to order online where you receive a small fee for your assistance! It is a community of people, this group of, “Knowing” God’s children! Act like it, don’t let the fact that online business has cancelled out the major Christian bookstore offend you, realize there has just become a major need for the, “small guy” to open a, “Christian Book Room” perhaps in their home, or maybe a local business feels compelled to assist in this Godly endeavor! Focus on what is good, honorable, and pure! Let your mind dwell on these things, the need for gathering spots for those who want to make Christian bookstore type purchases. Get Creative, use the same techniques the major sellers do! Only, because you are a small business, you can afford to go about seeking assistance from others of your belief. What about a volunteer Christian Book Store, with only a few receiving salary, like they do for the Humane Society? Why not Believer? Why not You? If you are offended by the fact the Christian Family is gone, think of others who need such a refuge! Now just may be Your Time to Fly! Send your kite to the sky and see who grabs hold of the tail, together you should change the world, by opening up a Christian Book Room where your Brothers and Sisters can come to a safe environment to peruse and find, help for the faint of heart, or the up-lifter, or to be encouraged, or … the list is unlimited to what you can do with this announcement, what can God do through YOU!

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