I Wish I Had a Dollar

Oh I wish I had a dollar, for every thought I’ve had,
On how to change the world to bring, happiness to the hearts of the sad!

Then I’d wish I had a dollar, for the opportunities I’ve passed by,
I’d be the richest person on earth, couldn’t spend it all before I’d die!

Oh I guess I’d better take some time, to consider my thoughts today,
Before the hours I let slip by, become simply whiled away!

No major work shall ‘er be seen, from the scribing of my pen,
Unless I determine to sit me down, and let the genious begin!

Now you may think these words I write, have not for you today,
While others may hear some simple thought, that carries them away!

I thought to write of wisdom, as I tipped my pen to start,
But my brain took charge with a mind of it’s own, and wouldn’t do it’s part!

So now I sit before this page, with wonder as I stare,
Curious to see if any wisdom, pops up for me to share!

Not one word of wisdom is to be seen, from anything I have written today,
Perhaps just a chuckle from this silly ditty, will bring happiness your Way!

Have a Great Day, Just Because YOU CAN!
Cheryl G

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