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Notice how you keep seeing the same names teaching on the internet, if you have been around for any length of time?  Ever wondered why this is, I mean, if in fact you can share your interests, ideas and ideals like some do, and make six or seven figures a year, why is it that so few continue to teach and become successful, while so many never even try?

For a glimpse into why this is, ask yourself what  it is that you love doing, what it is, that you know about that you could share with others?  What excites you into conversation when nothing else will, yet you are the only person who knows what these three things are.

You see, you are not much different than any of the other folks who have never moved forward to achieve their entrepreneurial goals, if you have to admit that you either, do not even know what those things are, or have never felt confident enough to step up and make a business out of your dreams!  

Life is made up of dreams, dreams that you had as a child, dreams you had as a teenager, dreams you should still possess today.  Dreams that you are too afraid to follow in fear that someone, somewhere will look at you and laugh at the fact that you were egotistical enough to think you could achieve those dreams in a non-conventional manner!  Not everyone you come in contact with, will understand when they see that you have given up your free time for an entrepreneurial  business online.  Connie Green  likes to quote, “If you will do for one year, what no one else will, you will be able to do for the rest of your life, what no one else can!”  

Imagine, taking the dreams you possess and seeing them come to fruition, because you put out the effort to make those dreams come true!  

Sean Mize put together a very good report on overcoming the obstacles in life that have stopped you from fulfilling your dreams.  Now Sean teaches how to apply these strategies in order to become a successful business owner, in this case, an online entrepreneur.  I have been going over the pages of reports he has and it started me thinking of how these same principles would apply to other areas of our lives.  

Stick around for awhile, I’ll let you in on a few pointers you can use, to move in the direction of your dreams.  Maybe  even set you up with some of those how to’s Sean shares.

Have a Great Day, Just Because You CAN!


Cheyl G

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