Changing the Way You Think to Change Your Life

We are all on a journey that began well before our time!  It started with a person called, “A  Mother,”  the other would naturally be called, “A Father!”  The number of people who have been born into homes where those two words, as we naturally know them, have absolutely no bearing, would shock most of us to know!

There are as many different circumstances to a birth as one could ever imagine.  In many of those circumstances, a child becomes like a ping pong ball! Bounced hither and yon as the parents or courts deem it to be.  In this one instance, I would like to focus on the results of this type of bounced childhood.  There are those situations, that have the result of what we would most commonly call, “A normal childhood,”  even with the bouncing effects surrounding their lives.

Many children, however, are not as fortunate in a circumstance of this type.  It is to those children, that I would like to address my words.  Life deals many of us, “un-normal ” childhoods.  The problem is, many of those who are raised in a single home with both biological parents, do not recognize that they will grow up to have issues that will need to be addressed as adults, just as the ping-pong kids.

With ping pong kids, we expect there to be issues of either resentment for the lack of what they consider to be normal, or a resentment for the lack of security due to the constant shifting from one home to another, with none feeling as secure as being a member of one set of parents and having siblings to connect in friendship with, who are natural siblings.  Though you may be unaware of the trauma that some of these children face, it is a fact of life!

If you suffer today, because you have never felt secure due to the lack of a secure family, rest assured, you are not in the minority.  However, also know that you can find your wholeness in this life!  You do not have to hide your emotions, nor resent your step parents, because they are the reason for your insecurities.  You can change your thinking to find solid ground, no matter your age!

Life does not dictate to us, whom we shall become, by the choices of others, it is in our own choice, that we find the power to recover from mistreatment, desertions, abuse, and more!  It is Your choice, the power lies in your hands!  I used the ping pong kids, in this example, because I realize most who suffer from insecurities from earlier relationships, have difficulty even admitting that they experience these types of feelings.

Admitting to one’s self is the first step, in finding peace from the confines of fear and doubt!

The second step is admitting to others.

What we find, if we are unwilling to face those historic reasons for why we are insecure, is that the lifestyle we have used and become accustomed to, will become so ingrained in us that years of seeking may still find locked doors, that we are unwilling to open for healing.

Take a step today to become a free member of society.  Now if that word, “society”, offends you, you may just want to think it over!  Perhaps the offense comes from your frame of reference due to how others have responded in the past, or respond currently to you in a public setting.  If this is the case, know that you set the course for how others will view you and respond to you.  If you feel the victim, because you know you have been victimized throughout your life, this will be the energy you put out through every thought and action which makes you, you!

The responsibility is yours, to make yourself into a confident, successful and happy human being!  This is where I say, “Right now, is the time to start seeing the new you, as you will ultimately become, as you start to change your thinking of you and your past!

Join me later for the next step in the life changing power You possess.!



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