How Time Does Fly

The day to day life I live, leads me to believe that I have no time for the, “Fun” things I want to do! Now I know that that is a joke, for it is I who is in control of how I spend my days! If I am to believe this, then the 15 minutes I spent walking on the treadmill this morning should be more the norm for my life than the exception, as I desire to stay in great health for as long as I am able! Perhaps it takes me a tad longer than others, to realize that I am not accomplishing those little things that satisfy the, “Who am I?” in me. Well, well, bare with me dear friend, for again on this day, I undertake the effort of satisfying those tickling little hints as to whom I shall become before I die! Thus, this moment in the lifetime of this particular writer, just may be the turning point of my career!
Drop back in a while, see how I am doing!
Meanwhile, keep on keepin’ on, for as it is with me, so it is with you, today is the first day of the rest of your life! Choose wisely, how you intend and pursue these wondrous moments we have on this earth!

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