What to Write

Works November 5, 2012

What to write, when one has so little time to contemplate? Can it be that I really believe that statement, that one has so little time for anything?  I think I would be far more accurate to put it this way, “What to write, when one has not settled oneself in, to a routine that entails using time wisely!”  Perhaps then, I could see what truly is my issue with writing at any time!

It seems that when my mind is working on a subject, I am so busy in another project, that I tell myself I will return to the thought at a later date, only to find, if I do not take the moment, to jot down ideas and notes, I most likely, will not get back to the impending thoughts!

This little note, is one such note, intended as a simple spot of time in which I apply myself to the page at hand!

With desire to return again shortly, I remain hopeful for my task!

Blessings to one and all

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