Starting Over Complete Loss of All Website Content

As with anything we do when we have to start over, at first it seems so redundant, that we feel on the brink of giving up!  That said, I sit at my computer, battling with the idea of making myself continue!

I recently lost my entire, .com account and am just now beginning to make an attempt at restoring some of the damages I have experienced, due to my lack of properly and regularly, backing up everything I place on my website!

Not much fun, however, I plan for it to serve as an effective motivator!

With many items on my website, having been singularly preserved, I shall start the ominous task of retrieving those things which happen to remain in existence!

See you after a few hundred entries!

Cheryl G Burke

Taking Fun to The Limits!

2 thoughts on “Starting Over Complete Loss of All Website Content

    • Cathy,
      By nothing but sheer ignorance I think!
      I am just now planning to restore myself
      on the internet! I realize it will take
      some serious doing! It was as if I were
      in a fog and could not bring myself to get
      busy and get back on!
      New Plan! Keep an eye on my accountability!
      Hah, Have a nice day and thanks again for
      responding on my loss.

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