To Each of My Grandchildren

Works June 4, 2012 To Each of My Grandchildren

Dear Sweethearts,

This grandma wants to tell you all, how special you are to me!  It has been my very blessed treasure, to spend time with each of you in such special ways.  Someday, when you look back over years of your life’s journey, I want you to remember how special the times and things, you did with Gramps and I, are.

We have been more fortunate than many grandparents, in that our financial journey, has permitted us to live in the same house in many instances, thus allowing us special time to get to know, and appreciate each of your unique personalities and attributes.  I cannot imagine having nineteen grandkiddos, and not being permitted the quality, as well as quantity, of time we have shared.

There are those times in life, when we must make a choice to view our life circumstances in light of the benefits and blessings they provide.  The fact that my life journey has incorporated personal connection with each of you, is reason enough for me to give massive thanks to God for allowing me this journey.  I realize that my choices have greatly assisted in the paths I have taken, God provides The Way, I choose the path, He directs my steps!  What better combination could one want?

It is my intent that you read, or hear, these words, then consider some of those good times we have shared, laughing, poking fun, teasing, walking, hiking, biking, boating, eating, camping, traveling, learning, and I guarantee there are more, together.  Pick a special memory that you have from our relationship, now consider how that good memory has encouraged or taught you something of value!  If you can do this, then my life was a success!

I hope to remain on this earth long enough to see each of you grown and living out the good there is in life!  I feel so Blessed to be permitted to be a part of each of your, personal life’s journey!

I hope by my recording of this simple note, you will delve into the emotions and feelings I connect with these thoughts and permit them to shine in the depths of your soul, so that my life continues to encourage, enlighten, bless and teach, as long as You live!

Go in the Grace of God, that permits you to make wise choices, so that as you find who you are in this life, you will be able to have peace in the knowledge that you have spent the years, days, hours, and minutes allotted to you, in such a way to have blessed the lives of others, for it is in this way, that you will be Blessed in return.
Know that You are worthy of the Love of God, that He knew your path before you were born, you did not surprise Him, by the roads you traveled.  Know that it remains your choice today, that even if you have failed to become the person you want to become, as long as you have breath, you are permitted the choice to change!

Make wise choices, for in this, you will know God!  It is in your spirit, that you connect with the Spirit of God!  Let the desire of your heart, be to Pray without ceasing, or in other words, to walk in the Spirit at all times.

Be Blessed, Grandchildren, as I have been Blessed in this life, by YOU!

It is in the fondest of memories, that I contemplate and write this little note to each of YOU!

Your, “Grand Mother!”  Hah

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